Sometimes you can have something special. When you have to celebrate the completion of an important project or good news – or simply life itself. So what would you like: a smoky whisky, a noble grappa, a delicious classic cocktail? Let yourself be inspired by the rich offer in our drinks menu – you are in for a treat.

Here you can find the complete menu:

Drink Menu

Apéro recommendations

Passion Dream

CHF 12.00

Porto Tonic

CHF 13.00

San Bitter | 1 dl

CHF 4.50

Beer recommendations

Beer Bienne I | Amber | 33cl

CHF 7.00

Mosaic IPA | BLZ-Company | 33cl

CHF 8.00

West Coast Ale | BLZ-Company | Orvin | 33cl

CHF 8.00

Digestif recommendations

Scottish Whiskey Ardberg AN OA | 4 cl

CHF 20.00

Hennesy Paradis | 4 cl

CHF 78.00

Marc de Gewürztraminer Andrey Ligerz | 2 cl

CHF 16.00

… and the classics as well


CHF 4.50

Aperol Spritz

CHF 12.00

Tee Kanne | Sirocco

CHF 6.50

Here you can find the complete menu:

Drink Menu